Here is a list of projects I maintain or contribute to! Each project link’s to an online git repository which contains the source code and additional documentation.

  • Bastion

    This is the webserver that runs this website!

  • Wordle Helper

    A command-line utility to assist with solving the wordle game published by the New York Times

  • Persistent

    A library for Go which implements Clojure’s persistent data structures. It supports generic types for its data structures when they were introduced in Go version 1.18.

  • Dotfiles

    My configuration files for software I use. The most configured tool I use is Neovim. It is a fantastic text-editor, and I find the support for Lua as a scripting language one of my favorite things about it. When compared to Vimscript, writing editor extensions is easier and more enjoyable in Lua. Since Vim only supported Vimscript when I used it, I never ended up exploring editor extension beyond basic configuration.